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Beane Marshes in Bengeo is a much loved wildlife habitat with stunning views along the River Beane. A peaceful wildlife oasis at the very heart of Hertford. For the very latest updates watch out on our news page or Facebook Group.

This short video explains the importance of Beane Marsh as a wildlife habitat

What has happened? The land by the River Beane adjacent to Beane Road near Hertford North station was up for auction. We (Beane Marshes Conservation Group)  have negotiated its withdraw from auction to purchase it for the community. The price agreed is £135,000 for three of the four lots originally for sale. This was the auction guide price, and our enquiries suggest that it is around the market value. Lot 4 (the corner plot on Molewood/Beane Road) is not for sale.

How much do you need to raise? To meet the total needed and to cover legal costs we need to raise £65,000 on top of the amount already raised. If you are considering donating but haven’t done so yet, please do! On top of the £135,000 fee for the land, there are also various legal costs and auctioneer fees we need to settle. We expect these fees to be in the region of £22,000. We also need to consider maintenance of the land in the short term, and are exploring various insurance options.

Who is Save Beane Marshes? A charity has been formed named Save Beane Marshes  Ltd, which is the legal entity through which the transaction will be made. The directors  are concerned Bengeo residents and have been in active dialogue with local Councillors and other local groups. Save Beane Marshes Ltd replaces the Beane Marshes Conservation Group Ltd, because our status as a charity will give us access to a wider range of funding options. We are currently registering the charity with the Charity Commission. This process can take a few months to complete.

What’s the longer term plan? Our objective remains exactly the same – to conserve and enhance the land for the benefit of ecology and wildlife, and thus also to the benefit of the local community. We have talked to the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT) who have visited the site and praised it for its biodiversity value. We would like to give the land to HMWT to own and manage.    We recognise that there are various views within the community, primarily concerning the extent of public access. Beane Marshes Conservation Group believes that if the wildlife is to flourish, then public access should not be provided, with the exception of occasional visits for ecological education purposes. If HMWT do take on the site, then we would hope to hold a community meeting together with them to gauge  opinion and decide a way forward.  

How are you going to raise the money? We continue to crowdfund, and can also accept bank transfers or cheques if people prefer. Please email if you need details of the bank account, or cheques made payable to Beane Marshes Conservation Group Ltd can be posted to 25 Desborough Close, Hertford, SG14 3EG

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This short video explains our campaign