Beane Marshes now owned by Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

We are delighted to announce that the sale of Beane Marshes is finally complete. The land is now owned by Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

For us it has been a great honour for us to be involved in a wonderful community initiative that has given Hertford a piece of land that will be a haven for wildlife for future generations.

A massive thank you to all our supporters and contributors for your help in making this possible your generosity has been unprecedented. It was a really amazing community effort and something to celebrate. This is a special gift to Hertford.

A special thanks is also due to the previous owner of the land who has been patient while the legal process took place.
Thank you too to Hertford Town Council who gave a very generous contribution.

Save Beane Marshes will now focus on the education aspect of the project, and supporting HMWT in maintaining and enhancing the land.

There are many things still to do so continue to watch our website.

Save Beane Marshes becomes a registered charity

Thank you Charity Commission for a great New Year’s gift! We are now a registered charity!

This is an extract of the email we received:

“We are satisfied that SAVE BEANE MARSHES LIMITED is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1187171

The decision to register was based on our assessment of the information supplied during the application process and the declarations given in the trustee declaration form and we are satisfied that SAVE BEANE MARSHES LIMITED is established for charitable purposes only for the public benefit.”

A very happy, peaceful and healthy 2020 to all of our supporters. Thank you for helping to make all of this happen!

Meeting with the Wildlife Trust

We have been meeting with the Herfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust to discuss the purchase of the land. We have agreed a way forward. The Wildlife Trust have agreed subject to satisfactory conveyancing etc to contribute sufficient funds to proceed with the purchase of the land. We will update you as soon as we have further details.

Hertford Town Council gives Save Beane Marshes a £30,000 boost

Hertford Town Council have shown amazing support for Save Beane Marshes by giving a £30,000 grant which will be provided once the rest of the funds are raised. This money has been granted from the New Homes Bonus Grant Fund see

This gives our campaign a massive boost and brings us significantly closer to reaching our overall target of £165,000

It means that we have raised around £128,000 to date

Hannah Lilley for Save Beane Marshes said:

“Thanks to the generous donations of the community, and the support of the Town Council we are getting far closer to achieving our goal of raising £165,000. We are now only around £37,000 away from reaching this target. We never imagined when we started our campaign to achieve this level of support. We hope that this will encourage other donations.”

John Howson for Save Beane Marshes said:

“Support of the Town Council underlines the importance of this wonderful natural resource in the heritage of Hertford. What better way of investing the town’s money than in the future of our natural environment. Thank you Hertford Town Council”

Campaign Update 13th of October 2019

You may have noticed that our name has changed. We are now “Save Beane Marshes” rather than “Beane Marshes Conservation Group”. This is because “Save Beane Marshes” is a charity – currently in the form of a company limited by guarantee. This will allow us to apply for grants that were otherwise inaccessible. Consequently, you may also have noticed the change to our website address (we are now rather than You may ask what is in a name, but by introducing the word “save” we are promoting the idea of not only preventing possible purchase by speculators, but also preserving the land for future generations and what could be more important than investing in the future of our planet?

Thank you to everyone who has helped to deliver leaflets and donated as a part of our latest drive. We have raised around a £1000 so far, any additional contributions will be really appreciated. You can contribute on our donation tab above.

As a part of developing our community focus we are looking at promoting the educational use and study of the marshes. An education sub group has been enthusiastically endorsed by many of our core supporters. If you would like to be a part of this please let us know. We are hoping among other things to write an education leaflet about the marshes suitable for the public and schools.

We have also just launched a new survey to start to document wildlife on the marshes and collect people’s stories for use in our publicity and grant applications. You can complete this online – take our survey

Campaign Update 22nd September 2019

Thank you to everybody who came to the community meeting last Sunday. It was great to meet some of you, share with you our progress and hear some fantastic ideas about fundraising! For those unable to come along, a summary is below:

1) How much have you raised and how much is left?
We’re tantalisingly close to raising £100,000, which will be £65,000 off our target of £165,000 (comprising £135,000 for the land itself, £10,000 in VAT for one of the lots, and an estimated £20,000 in auctioneer and legal fees). Thank you!

2) What’s next?
Thank you to all our donors for their amazing generosity (donations from local residents comprises the vast majority of our fundraising so far). We hope that many more people will feel inspired to contribute either by giving or joining in our activities.During this next stage we will also be applying for grants, and have a bit of a push with local business who we hope we can convince to support a cause close to many local hearts! We’re also in the process of forming a charity (called Save Beane Marshes) to run alongside our company (Beane Marshes Conservation Group). The charity allows us to Gift Aid donations, and also apply for grants that are not accessible to a private company.

3) Can I get involved?
Yes, absolutely. In fact we’d really love your help! The core group comprises four local residents. We’ve had some fantastic assistance in a variety of different ways from a lot of people, and want to formalise the offers of help into four sub-committees to focus on four corresponding areas: a) fundraising and events b) environment c) grants and d) education. If you think you can help please let us know by emailing, and we’ll be in touch. There are also still plenty of leaflets to deliver to local homes or put posters up around town if you fancy pounding the streets.

4) Are the Wildlife Trust involved?
Yes, the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust remains interested in the site and have agreed in principle to take it on to manage once we complete our fundraising. We’ll be posting a video with them soon where you will be able to find out why the site is so special.5) Any events coming up? Keep your eyes peeled! We have a few things planned for coming months and always welcome ideas.

Join us for coffee at St. Andrew’s Church on the 7th September 2019

The folk of St Andrew’s Church are organising a coffee morning on Saturday 7th September (10.30am-12.30pm), with the proceeds being donated to Save Beane Marshes. All are invited.

It all has a “b” for Beane theme, with bagels, bacon butties and banger baps, plus Bagatelle, Bop-it, Barmy golf and a Banagram quiz.

I’ve been to a few of these, and can vouch for the excellent coffee and cake available. It’s all child friendly, and entry is free! Donations are taken for refreshments.

Hope to see some of you there!

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust accept the donation of the land

We are delighted that Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT) has accepted the donation of Beane Marshes subject to satisfactory conveyancing etc.
This is very important for our group as HMWT will ensure the land is managed correctly for the community. We hope as soon as the legal agreement is in place we can move forward with the process of donating the land to them.

Thanks to everyone at HMWT that have made this possible so quickly!