Campaign Update 22nd September 2019

Thank you to everybody who came to the community meeting last Sunday. It was great to meet some of you, share with you our progress and hear some fantastic ideas about fundraising! For those unable to come along, a summary is below:

1) How much have you raised and how much is left?
We’re tantalisingly close to raising £100,000, which will be £65,000 off our target of £165,000 (comprising £135,000 for the land itself, £10,000 in VAT for one of the lots, and an estimated £20,000 in auctioneer and legal fees). Thank you!

2) What’s next?
Thank you to all our donors for their amazing generosity (donations from local residents comprises the vast majority of our fundraising so far). We hope that many more people will feel inspired to contribute either by giving or joining in our activities.During this next stage we will also be applying for grants, and have a bit of a push with local business who we hope we can convince to support a cause close to many local hearts! We’re also in the process of forming a charity (called Save Beane Marshes) to run alongside our company (Beane Marshes Conservation Group). The charity allows us to Gift Aid donations, and also apply for grants that are not accessible to a private company.

3) Can I get involved?
Yes, absolutely. In fact we’d really love your help! The core group comprises four local residents. We’ve had some fantastic assistance in a variety of different ways from a lot of people, and want to formalise the offers of help into four sub-committees to focus on four corresponding areas: a) fundraising and events b) environment c) grants and d) education. If you think you can help please let us know by emailing, and we’ll be in touch. There are also still plenty of leaflets to deliver to local homes or put posters up around town if you fancy pounding the streets.

4) Are the Wildlife Trust involved?
Yes, the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust remains interested in the site and have agreed in principle to take it on to manage once we complete our fundraising. We’ll be posting a video with them soon where you will be able to find out why the site is so special.5) Any events coming up? Keep your eyes peeled! We have a few things planned for coming months and always welcome ideas.