Campaign Update 13th of October 2019

You may have noticed that our name has changed. We are now “Save Beane Marshes” rather than “Beane Marshes Conservation Group”. This is because “Save Beane Marshes” is a charity – currently in the form of a company limited by guarantee. This will allow us to apply for grants that were otherwise inaccessible. Consequently, you may also have noticed the change to our website address (we are now rather than You may ask what is in a name, but by introducing the word “save” we are promoting the idea of not only preventing possible purchase by speculators, but also preserving the land for future generations and what could be more important than investing in the future of our planet?

Thank you to everyone who has helped to deliver leaflets and donated as a part of our latest drive. We have raised around a £1000 so far, any additional contributions will be really appreciated. You can contribute on our donation tab above.

As a part of developing our community focus we are looking at promoting the educational use and study of the marshes. An education sub group has been enthusiastically endorsed by many of our core supporters. If you would like to be a part of this please let us know. We are hoping among other things to write an education leaflet about the marshes suitable for the public and schools.

We have also just launched a new survey to start to document wildlife on the marshes and collect people’s stories for use in our publicity and grant applications. You can complete this online – take our survey